Meal Prep Made Easy!

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So I have been using these containers for about 2 months now. They are so convenient! I can prep several days of food in them and then grab and go during the week when i am busy. 


They are the perfect shape to fit lots of them stacked neatly in my refrigerator. 


They are safe to go in the microwave and dishwasher.

Just thought I would share something that has been working really well for me 🙂

14717156_1779173639023661_5608827454534269973_n img_5584-2


I bought them straight from Amazon. If you are a prime member you get Free 2 day shipping 🙂

You Can order them here by clicking on this link.

Thanks for Reading!

XOXO Teagan


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I got lost. But now I found myself

I will spare you my excuses. I am back. I am more determined than ever to get my health and energy back to what it was just 6 short months ago. 

My head is in a good place and I am ready to take charge again.


This is Day 1 of a 90 day run I am going on with all areas of my life. I am focused on the Core 4 that I am learning about in my coaching group.





It is Hard to run when you are out of shape. But I know if I practice everyday I will get better.


I am a very visual person. I made a collage of all pictures that make me happy and want more when I look at them. I literally stare and these and visualize that girl when I am running on my treadmill and lifting my weights.


This is a countdown ticker on my phone. I made myself a promise. Just give it 8 weeks! Thats 56 days from now. That is not long! If I do this work everyday for 8 weeks I will see a difference!



Looking forward to finding my sparkle again <3



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Day 7 of Becoming a Runner

On Day 7 She set a New PR 🙂

I am still super slow but, I shaved almost a minute off my time from last week! I have officially been running for 1 week today. Felt really good to see this progress happening. 

I procrastinated a lot today. I didn’t feel like going out there and doing it tonight. But having this blog as accountability really pushed me through today. Got it in and had my best run yet!

Went out with a determined mindset tonight.


All smiles after I ran my first mile in 11:22! Oh and I can’t breathe a little lol


Made such good time tonight!


I am in love with how my Garmin breaks down my run stats.



And that’s a wrap on week 1!

IMG_0927A week ago I decided to take a run and see what it was all about. I stuck with it everyday. Sore, tired, sore again, hot weather. So far I beat em all 😉 Cheers to week 2!


Thanks so much for reading!



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Day 6 Of Becoming a Runner

Day 6 Everyone!! Almost 1 week in! I am so excited for what is to come!

Today I decided to get back to eating my salads everyday like I used to. It is such a good way for me to get a lot of veggies in. This was a little plain today. Just grilled chicken, a sprinkle of cheese, and some sweet onion dressing. I’m going to add my daily shake back in tomorrow as well.



Today I noticed that I got my glow back 🙂 Missed that healthy girl 😉IMG_0878

Went on a run with my handsome little man again. It has been so nice to have a partner the last couple runs but I am having to go super slow for him. So I think I will get my run in early tomorrow and if he want to go for a quickie run after school I will do that with him.

IMG_0885 IMG_0889 IMG_0890 IMG_0891 IMG_0895

Cheers to day 6 in the books!

So proud of Caden!

Thanks for stopping by!



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Day 5 Of Becoming a Runner

I had some very special guests on my run today! It was a family affair for Mother’s Day! I was so happy to have the company. Gunner was there to but he was a little camera shy 😉



Caden really wanted to run with me. I told him we were doing 2 miles and we would run a little and walk a little. He said lets do this!IMG_0833

It was so neat to have him running with me! He kept up and even got a head of me quite a bit! I was so proud of him!


I think I might have made a new running partner 😉IMG_0841


Mid Run Smiles for ya 😉IMG_0842

Another 2 miles logged!


Tired Caden and tired pup!


So So Proud of this kiddo!IMG_0851

Daddy and Forrest Caught up with us back at the house. High fives for 2 miles!

IMG_0854 IMG_0865


Can’t wait to see what we accomplish this week! 

Happy Mother’s Day!



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Day 4 of Becoming a Runner

Day 4 in the Books! Still sore but not unbearable today. Went a little later in the evening because my morning was busy and I didn’t want to run in the heat of the day. 

This pic is me right at the end of my driveway getting ready to start!


I decided to take Gunner with me today. I think the exercise will be good for him too.IMG_0710

This is me still smiling on the way back from the one mile mark 😉 Obviously because I haven’t hit the uphill part yet lol


The damn hill. I will run up this eventually! 


He was such a good boy. Stayed right by me the whole run.


Another 2 Miles down. I can definitely tell I am tired and sore on Day 4. Time slowed down a bit today.



Tired boy! Came straight home and got his ball 😉


4 Days Strong! 



Thanks so much for reading!



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Day 3 of Becoming a Runner


Day 3 in the books! Today I walked. I am so incredibly sore all over my body. Mostly my legs. So I took a bath this morning to soak and relax. Then went for a 20 min walk. I stretched after the bath and after my walk and it hurt so good lol. 

This is the home stretch of my route right now. When I get back to the top of the hill I can see the finish line!


I have been rockin out to the Jennifer Lopez station on Pandora and it is giving me some major nostalgia! I can’t tell you how many dances I made up to this song growing up lolIMG_0578

This what I accomplished today 🙂


Also my super amazing Husband surprised me with this early Mother’s Day Present. He is always so supportive of me. He saw me using a Fitbit Flex, a Polar Heart Rate Monitor, and My map my run app on my phone and took pity lol. I had gadgets everywhere. This Garmin does everything in one and it is so cool! I can’t wait to get to know it more!



I also read that bananas help with cramping and soreness so I am all over that lol


Hope you are all having fabulous Fridays! 

Thanks for reading!



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Day 2 of Becoming a Runner

Day 2! WOW I am sooooo sore!! Running on the road is so much different that running on the treadmill! Seriously I am so stinking sore. I was shocked this made me this sore! lol But I know that this too shall pass. I stretched a lot today. Thanks for that advice I got from several people today on FB and Instagram. I will stay on top of that. Got another 2 miles in today. I am still kinda in shock that I have done this too days in a row now!


This 1st picture is me all bright and cheery and smiley because I haven’t run yet 😉


I am thankful to live on a back country road where I can run without too much traffic.IMG_0509

This is me at the 1 mile mark. Still smiling. It was much warmer today than it was yesterday!IMG_0512

I was a little more confident running today so I knocked a few seconds off.


This is my face when I see the hill I have run up.

IMG_0515 IMG_0516

And my final time today for 2 miles! woohoo! 

IMG_0520 IMG_0565

So Lots of water and lots of stretching!

Thanks for reading!



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Today I am becoming a Runner

I have been feeling so uninspired in my health and fitness journey. I have tried and tried to get back on track in the past couple months and just can’t make anything stick. I have been really focusing on asking for something to come to me to get me out of this rut.

While on Instagram I started having a lot of runner’s popping up in my newsfeed. They all look so happy! They are always running forever and ever and smiling about it! There is such a sense of community around it with all of them. It just started calling to me. Its been over a week since I started digging and fact finding about the benefits of running. I feel such a huge pull to do this.

I feel like I can hugely benefit from the mental and physical aspects of being a runner. So today after much procrastination I laced up my shoes. Downloaded and app. Put my head phones on and I RAN! You guys I RAN!! I overcame my fears and my doubt that I could go for a long run and not die lol. I know this might sound silly to some but It was just me getting a wrapped up in my head. 

So this is day 1. I logged my first run. I ran and I walked and I ran and I walked. My first mile took me over 12 minutes. But its my starting point and I am so excited to watch myself improve!

If any of you reading this are runners and have any tips or advice for me I would greatly appreciate it! Please leave it in the comments below!





IMG_0465 IMG_0469



Thank you so much for reading! 



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My Son’s Birthday!




Today was my oldest son’s 8th Birthday! We took the day and went to the big zoo in our area and had the most amazing day with him!





We walked nearly 5 miles today just from being at the zoo! This was one of those days where I have to remind myself its ok to have balance. Healthy Breakfast. Stayed hydrated. Hit my step goal. But ate out and had treats for Caden’s birthday 🙂








Hope you all had a great day!

Thanks for stopping by!



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