I got lost. But now I found myself

I will spare you my excuses. I am back. I am more determined than ever to get my health and energy back to what it was just 6 short months ago. 

My head is in a good place and I am ready to take charge again.


This is Day 1 of a 90 day run I am going on with all areas of my life. I am focused on the Core 4 that I am learning about in my coaching group.





It is Hard to run when you are out of shape. But I know if I practice everyday I will get better.


I am a very visual person. I made a collage of all pictures that make me happy and want more when I look at them. I literally stare and these and visualize that girl when I am running on my treadmill and lifting my weights.


This is a countdown ticker on my phone. I made myself a promise. Just give it 8 weeks! Thats 56 days from now. That is not long! If I do this work everyday for 8 weeks I will see a difference!



Looking forward to finding my sparkle again <3



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