Day 5 Of Becoming a Runner

I had some very special guests on my run today! It was a family affair for Mother’s Day! I was so happy to have the company. Gunner was there to but he was a little camera shy 😉



Caden really wanted to run with me. I told him we were doing 2 miles and we would run a little and walk a little. He said lets do this!IMG_0833

It was so neat to have him running with me! He kept up and even got a head of me quite a bit! I was so proud of him!


I think I might have made a new running partner 😉IMG_0841


Mid Run Smiles for ya 😉IMG_0842

Another 2 miles logged!


Tired Caden and tired pup!


So So Proud of this kiddo!IMG_0851

Daddy and Forrest Caught up with us back at the house. High fives for 2 miles!

IMG_0854 IMG_0865


Can’t wait to see what we accomplish this week! 

Happy Mother’s Day!



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